Dating Software Plus with Video
"Four years ago I made the best decision and investment of my life purchasing their awesome software. It has launched my site to a new level and I have been self-employed full time the past 3 1/2 years."

Dating Software vPlus and Adult vPlus

DatingSoftware vPlus is our latest product that extends the traditional dating and social networking concept to include full video to flash conversion and streaming. In todays world, your customers are more savvy than ever before and the need for content to engage and retain your customers is critical. With this product your customers can communicate at all levels through blogs, forums, video posts, video chat and live instant video and audio messaging.

  • Video Community Component
  • Tag Clouds
  • Webcam snapshots
  • SMS messaging
  • Social Networking Component
  • MySpace Style Groups
  • Internal Forums
  • Internal Blogs
  • Social Networking Component
  • New Skins Added
  • New Banner Rotation System
  • Userplane Live Video IM/Chat Integrated

Additional Adult vPlus software features:

  • Male, Female or Couple Profiles
  • Adult Related Drop Down Options
  • Verified /Validate members



Dating Software Mobile (vPlus and Adult vPlus)

Dating Software Mobile vPlus is an extension to the vPlus and vPlus Adult suite. It is purposely designed for your members to access your dating website via mobile devices such as the iphone and mobile handsets. The software can be installed on any of the vPlus or vPlus Adult platforms and caters to all 6 skins, so that your brand image is maintained. The features and functionality is a subset of the existing site software, however the software is optimised for fast download, easy navigation and simple features..

  • Secure login
  • Read messages
  • Reply to messages
  • Search members
  • View my profile
  • Auto-detect mobile browsers
  • All skins supported
  • Optimized for mobile devices